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  • Accommodation

    Under the cooperation of T & S with Langhstraet Recreatie B.V. T & S employees are provided with various types of housing that meet all of the criteria and regulatory standards required to operate the Flex Certified Home. The company makes every effort to create temporary accommodation so that they feel comfortable while staying in the Netherlands. It works by the principle that a pleasant environment contributes to the well-being of temporary workers, and this in turn results in better work. Those who will use this form of accommodation are advised to: - take bed linen, quilts or sleeping bags and pillows, sheets e.t.c.; - take kitchen accessories (eg pot, pans, cutlery, cup, etc.).


    T & S Group has access to a large, modern fleet of cars. As a result we are flexible on transport issues and we have the freedom to use cars that are used to commute to temporary work. They get a car for business use or use it in the so-called carpooling - a form of travel that involves sharing a free space in one's own car or using a free space in another's car. In addition, T & S Group's clients have the ability to advertise on the fleet owned by the company. The fleet consists of smaller and bigger cars. All vehicles are efficient, economical in use and subject to constant technical supervision.


    T & S Group cares for its employees both in the workplace and outside. Hence, constant investments in tailoring services to the needs of employees, improving living conditions and educational offer. The company also cares about people, supporting various types of social action and providing financial support. Examples include sponsorship of football and volleyball matches or the current T & S Plus program. Our vision is clear: 1. Care must be taken to ensure that people are satisfied. 2. Satisfied people are motivated employees. Motivated employees are more effective work

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About us

T&S is a Employment Agency with 14 years of experience.
T&S Group sp. z o.o. is registered in the National Register of Entrepreneurs in Opole and has the necessary certificates of the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Social Policy. The company specializes in job placement abroad, mainly in the Netherlands, and its headquarters is located in Opole. It is a well known and respected leader in the Dutch labor market.

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